Rare Peter Litherland Fusee Pocket Watch Movement.

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Plaque to Peter Litherland in Liverpool

Peter Litherland (1756–1805) was a British watchmaker and inventor.[1] He was born in Warrington and later moved to Liverpool, which was then the centre of the watchmaking trade. In 1791 he patented the rack lever escapement for watches, which was more accurate than the commonly used verge escapement. One of his watches is on display in the World Museum Liverpool.

This watch movement is in very good condition. The balance staff is good. This watch is only missing the hairspring. The fusee chain is good as is the mainspring. It's unknown what happened to the watch case. This rare movement was acquired on 5-12-1998. This highly engraved movement is beautiful. Amazing condition for a rare movement that was made in 1791. That was 227 years ago. 

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