Antique Time

  • $119.99

:: TR-90 Imports of high-end memory material
:: Lightweight and high quality outdoor sport eyewear, detachable legs.
:: High wear resistance, high tenacity, impact resistance, permeability is strong.
:: Detachable glasses legs: The glasses frame is made of special resin with high temperature and one-step holding technology, hight strength, abrasion resistance, tenacity, shock resistance and breathability.
:: Super-soft nose pad: Made of high-end environmentally friendly and nontoxic materials, soft, comfortable and dismountable.
:: Luminescent glasses frame : Highly visible at night.
:: Aviation PC bulletproof lens: Five lens colors available with ultra high shock resistance, advance coating process and UV protection.
:: Five lens colors available:
1. Dark polarised grasses: Filter lights into soft and comfortable lights, no harm to the eyes, UV-filtering and reduced dizziness.
2. Multiple-color lens: Absorb ultraviolet ray and infrared ray and block reflected glare ideal for drivers.
3. Transparent glasses: Low reflection of light and no coating suitable for overcast days.
4. Blue glasses: Improve the clarity and contrast, suitable for hazy and foggy days.
5. Yellow ultra-clear polarised lens: Improve image contrast, suitable for use at night.
Tips: Only dark-colored lens is polarised in the glasses. The other lenses are sunglasses.
Package Included:
:: 1 x glasses
:: The other 4 lens colors
:: Glass box
:: Glass bags
:: Wiping glasses cloth
:: Glasses head band
:: Polarisation test paper

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